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Since the start of our operations in 2021, we have managed to gather a solid collection of games on our platform. There is no denying that the quality and quantity of games can determine the overall standard of a gambling site. That’s why we have collected and maintained a solid assortment of 3000 games from different categories. Instead of going all in with the real money, it is better to use the demo mode and look around before playing for real!

A Video To Get Started With Ricky Casino

They say a picture is worth more than any description or story. We say “How about a video?”. In this video, our team has gone into great detail to introduce you to what we have to offer. Before entering to play, you can get the feel of the lobby and pick the things that you want to try later on!

Pokies & Slots

This is the best and most sought-after category in the Australian market. To keep up with the rising demand, we have collected more than 2000 games in this category. All of them are developed with real taste and culture in mind, including graphics, settings, storylines, and more. Once you get in, you would feel a strong pull of thrill. Here are some of the best titles to choose from:

Table Games

Pokie machines and slots are extremely popular among players out of Australia. However, the second and most close category is table games. We have multiple excellent games in this category where players can show off their skills and luck and bring home high rewards. Take a look at some of the best games that we offer at Ricky Casino:


Live Casino

Across the globe, there is one thing that all professional gamblers believe to be the best thing - live casino. Since it is revered in high praise, we have incorporated all the elements for a live casino on our website. What makes it challenging and thrilling is that you are playing with other real gamblers in real-time. Players get access to broadcast all the proceedings from a land-based casino or a specially designed virtual space. We have the best developers in the market to ensure players get all the love and support.

Here is a bird’s eye view of the most popular games in the market:


Roulette is one of the most popular games around the world. It is much simple compared to other games and provides an even playing field to all the players. No one can master this game but you can learn some tricks to make sure that all your funds are lost. We have the best assortment of games in this category:


The best casino games have the right amount of risk and thrill. Pokie machines are integrated with progressive features to ensure that all the bases are covered for the players. If you are planning to multiply your winnings in the shortest possible time, here are some of the best options for you:

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